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Windchill 11 offers breakthrough Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) capabilities– unleashing more data about your products to more stakeholders throughout your organization– for PLM that is Smart, Connected, Flexible Affordable and Complete.

Windchill 11 is,

  • Smart
    Drive Innovation with better, smarter PLM access for all stakeholders.
  • Connected
    Improve quality with field performance data to support all lifecycle processes.
  • Complete
    Manage product complexity with a single source for all product data.
  • Affordable
    Now with the new subscription packages, Windchill licenses have become affordable to small and SME’s business.
  • Flexible
    Reduce costs with a modern cloud architecture supporting all deployments.

With Windchill 11 you can,

Improve quality by informing processes with smart, connected product data.

Increase speed and accuracy of root cause analysis and CAPA, reducing CoPQ.

Deliver more quality data throughout more of the organization than ever before.

Improve next-generation designs with visibility into fielded product performance.

The new features of Windchill introduced in version 11 are,

  • Role-based apps: Navigate
    Make role- and task-specific PLM data available to all stakeholders in the product lifecycle
  • Connected quality: Windchill quality – ThingWorx extension
    Capture and analyze IoT data to understand real-time performance and quality Improve speed and accuracy of root cause analysis and corrective/preventive actions to drive critical service activities or engineering changes faster and to improve next-generation products
  • ALM-PLM integration: Requirements traceability
    Track and manage requirements across the product lifecycle, gaining end-to-end traceability to understand the impact of changing requirements on the product Bill of Materials (BoM)
  • Smart, connected support: Performance advisor for Windchill
    Secure and compliant to enable proactive support, Performance Advisor for Windchill improves the administrator and end-user experience while enhancing PLM performance, reliability, and uptime
  • Windchill search: Find the right information faster
    Easily filter results with a popular web-style approach and leverage a familiar keyword search experience
  • BoM management: More accurate, More reliable decisions for every stakeholder
    Includes better structure visualization, graphical status updates, auto part-name generation, variant logic sharing with ERP, greater support for Cadence, configuration interference checking and flexible change management processes
  • BoM transformation: Parallel design and manufacturing planning for faster TTM
    New, highly visual user experience for BoM transformation, plant-specific attributes on mBoM, associativity on part and occurrence level, and conformity analysis between eBoM and mBoM
  • Management of Creo 4.0 breakthrough technology: Continuous, Connected Design Intelligence
    Create full third-party designs to enable your Model-Based Enterprise strategy
  • IP protection: Secure IP while increasing collaboration
    Protect sensitive data while supporting your global “design anywhere, build anywhere” strategy
    Builds on the capabilities of Windchill 10 by adding support for security labels at check-in, display of security labels in structure components, and security label attributes continuously after product copy
  • Cloud deployment: Elevate PLM with modern cloud infrastructure and flexible licensing
    New subscription model with active user pricing enables you to scale up or down as program and project needs change

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