SAAS | CAD in the Cloud

What is SAAS?

Creo+ offers cloud-based tools that improve collaboration, streamline accessibility, and simplify license management. With real-time collaboration tools, multiple team members can now seamlessly review, explore, and edit designs.

What is CAD in the Cloud?

CAD administrators benefit from the convenience of cloud-based tools for license management, deployment, and telemetry services. Compatible with on-premises versions of Creo, Creo+ ensures a smooth interaction with engineering colleagues and suppliers, providing the best of both worlds: the proven technology of Creo combined with the connectivity of the cloud and enhanced administrative tools.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Creo+ enables multiple team members to work together simultaneously, fostering better communication and driving innovation throughout the entire product design process.
  • Creo+ offers efficient licence management by simplifying the process of managing and deploying licenses with cloud-based desktop tools. It easily distributes necessary licenses to groups and individual users and also enhances overall operational efficiency by reducing the time and effort spent on managing licenses, allowing teams to focus on core tasks and innovation.
  • With an improved user experience, Creo+ ensures a seamless experience for users with automatic updates, ensuring everyone has access to the latest enhancements without manual intervention.
  • With enhanced data security, Creo + enhances intellectual property protection by implementing robust access controls to avoid the risks associated with sending files through insecure channels like email and unsecured servers.
  • Creo+ fosters a culture of data security awareness within the organization, emphasizing the importance of secure collaboration practices to prevent potential breaches and protect valuable intellectual assets.
  • Creo+ offers advanced capabilities like: Augmented Reality (AR) design visualisation, Prismatic and Multi-Surface Milling, Top-down Design and Concurrent Engineering, Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Surfacing, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, Mold Design, and High-Speed Milling.

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