Software & System support is a key element when a customer chooses to work with partner. Our USP is we work closely with most of our customer and their team and our main goal is for our customers to use our Implemented solutions effectively. We have a friendly, knowledgeable team who will go out of the way and always put customers first while giving you support. You can depend on and trust our team who have years of experience support very complex implementation for our customers.

Support types & key features and benefits

Gold Support

  • Default support when you buy software from us and regular support from a 9×5 basis as requested by the customer.

Platinum Support

  • Special support for a special customer who requires more including regular system health check & call centre integration. This will blend into the customer’s support IT infrastructure to give seamless support for our exclusive customers..

Bespoke Tailored Support

  • No system headache & maintenance issues and leave it on our experts.
  • Inclusive server patching service
  • Tailored support for special customers where System administration of CAD & PLM servers are a challenge.
  • Spreading out upgrade cost offers available.

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