Our Associates

Eustace Caesar

After serving my apprenticeship within aerospace component manufacturing, I Spent 15 years as an aerospace mechanical production engineer. I joined Tecnomatix as an software application engineer. My job was to train our clients to use the Tecnomatix Valisys software to validate geometrical tolerancing and tolerance stack ups within assemblies. This is when I found my passion for Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T).

I formed Seize A Solution Limited in 1999 to champion the adoption, training and consultancy of ISO GPS and ASME GD&T within the UK and worldwide.

We aid companies to adopt the applicable ISO Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) and ASME GD&T standards. Using international standards, we help our consumers establish robust location strategies and calculate functional tolerances to minimise tolerance stack-ups in assemblies.

The Seize A Solution methodology ensures that components fit and function within the assemblies at the first attempt by getting it right first time. This awards our clients with noticeable cost benefits because Seize A Solution Limited have been responsible for delivering the GD&T adoption programme successfully in many high-profile companies, with impressive cost savings for our clients and their supplier networks.

I’m a member of the TPR/1 Technical Product Realization Committee in the BSI, responsible for the creation of the BS8888 Technical Product Specification and Documentation Standard.

I also represent the United Kingdom through the BSi on the ISO Technical committees ISO/TC10: Technical product documentation and ISO/TC213: Dimensional and geometrical product specifications andverification.

Together with PLM Central our goal is to support clients to get the best out of PTC Creo and also expose clients to all PTC software available regarding ISO GPS and ASME GD&T. I am thrilled and excited to have a technical partnership with PLM Central.

Mark Stone

BSc, MSc, CEng, MIMechE

Manufacturing is such a vital part of the local and national economy and now, more than ever, must adapt quickly to succeed in the changing marketplaces it serves. The pace of change in the era of Industry 4.0 will require manufacturers to focus on vertical and horizontal integration opportunities supported by an end-to-end approach to engineering across the product lifecycle.

I am excited by the opportunity to work alongside PLM Central in developing the capabilities of manufacturers, by offering an experienced perspective on the benefits of adoption of key technologies such as AR, IoT, CAD and PLM in connecting the whole engineering process, internally and externally.

I intend to apply my knowledge and expertise as a Chartered Engineer and as an experienced leader in manufacturing, to accelerate the use of Industry 4.0 technologies that drive value and deliver on manufacturing business priorities.