Consultancy & Implementation

when looking to implement PTC solutions, finding the right partner is vital. With years of experience and a talented,, knowledgeable team, PLMc offers a top-of-the-line service, from the initial stages all the way through to support.  Our unique consultancy and support process, which has been devised over years of customer implementations is what makes us different, and allowing us to claim that “We Design Innovation“. Our customer-focused team have performed exciting large scale global implementations and have a great track record in guiding our customers. This also ensures an organisation can acquire software from us with confidence. Our team will guide you effortlessly, during implementation, upgrade and migration projects, working as a single point of contact. We have a good understanding of business processes in the sales, design, manufacturing, purchasing, aftercare, and service environments which enables us to implement highly complex enterprise-wide PLM, PDM, IoT, Document Management, Change Management, EBOM/M-BOM processes & ERP/MRP Integrations. 

We Design Innovation

A unique approach to Implementation-

  • Guaranteed success with our decades of Digital Transformation experience along with our proven solutions
  • We always understand the ethos and the culture in an organisation, before recommending your solutions
  • Discovery day/Assessment is a set number of days spent on the customer site to interview departments and to understand their day to day working processes
  • During our consultancy service, our recommendation will always be backed by ROI calculations
  • Every customer is unique, therefore we always offer a tailored solution (Configuration), not one size fits all
  • Our team includes some highly technical professionals in the field and we nurture the best talent around so that the customer gets the best customer-focused service they expect
  • We always keep the customer first in our approach and solution
  • Very close interaction with customers and their core team
  • With the help of your PLMc apps, we are uniquely positioned to give you an end to end solution for your business
  • We have performed implementations across the world with a high degree of success
  • Special consideration is given during the Implementation of a startup as we understand the companies long term vision to become a success
  • Depending on the Industry solution of your choice we have specialised expertise to guide you through your implementation
  • Our expertise lies in a one-stop-shop for hardware & software for all our end customers. We can bring our expertise in server & PC sizing during the implementation
  • We have also secured AR wearable technology like Microsoft Hololens & RealWare products

Upgrade, Migration & Integration Service

We have performed many System Upgrades, Migrations & Integration

Experiences includes –

  • New Industry solution implementation
  • Intralink Migration, Windchill Upgrade & Migration
  • Creo Upgrade
  • Migration from other CAD System, like Solidwork, NX, Inventor etc…
  • Migration from 3rd party systems like DDM (Design Data Manager) Pulse, Enovia, 3D Teamcenter, ARAS & any other 3rd party PLM or Document Management system into Windchill
  • Engineering Change Management Implementation.
  • EBom-MBom Implementation
  • MathCad legacy data migration into MathCad Primes
  • Experience with various cloud implementation – the customer will always have the option of PLM Central’s Cloud or On-Premise solution
  • Hardware purchases and recommendation all included as we can act as a single point of contact for all our customers engagement
  • ERP/MRP Integration is a key part of the jigsaw for any organisation. We have developed specialised skills using Odata & Rest with various ERP/MRP system.
  • We have also created a bespoke Thingworx Mashup for our end customers.

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