PTC Windchill

PTC Windchill as a PLM Software

PTC Windchill is revolutionising how product development is carried out with simple, secure data access for multidisciplinary and geographically dispersed teams, quality-focused processes, and a data-driven approach to manufacturing.

In PTC Windchill, Product Lifecycle Management is the foundation of the Digital thread and is an enterprise application that connects every stage in a product lifecycle.

The open architecture of PTC Windchill makes it simple to integrate with other enterprise technologies, such as IoT, and serves as a strong foundation for a product-driven digital thread. With its extensive out-of-the-box capability and flexible role and task-based apps, PTC’s PLM system offers a wealth of features. We can avoid over-customisation and complexity and also increase self-service access to traceable product data for non-experts who don’t generally utilise PLM.

Why PTC Windchill?

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions conducted an in-depth analysis of the major PLM vendors by evaluating their product portfolio, market presence, and customer value proposition. The PLM market research provides competitive analysis and a ranking of the leading vendors like Siemens, Dassault Systemes, Autodesk, Oracle, Aras, Propel, SAP, in the form of a proprietary SPARK MatrixTM.
SPARK Matrix analysis provides a snapshot of key market participants and a visual representation of market participants.

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    Industry Related Software Features

    Features and functionalities

    product data management

    Product Data Management

    configuration and change management

    Configuration and Change Management

    project management

    Project Management

    variability and variant generation

    Variability and Variant generation

    service information manager

    Service Information Manager

    service part

    Service Parts

    supplier management

    Supplier Management

    quality management

    Quality Management

    Manufacturing process management

    Manufacturing Process Management

    Windchill for Multiple CAD

    Windchill makes Product data management from multiple sources, and the complex relationships between that data possible. Take charge of the Digital Thread in your company with PTC Windchill.

    New PLM video extract demo shows Multi-CAD DM, focused on SolidWorks. Includes example of AR design share.