What’s New in Windchill 13

What is new in PTC Windchill 13

PTC Windchill remains a top PLM software for robust product data and process management in the ever-changing industry. With each new release, PTC continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in Product Lifecycle Management(PLM).

Let us look into the new features and improvements, listing how these improvements can benefit businesses across industries.

Latest in Windchill 13

  • Enhanced User Experience: One of the standout features of PTC Windchill 13 is its focus on user experience. The user interface has undergone a significant overhaul. It aims to provide enhanced navigation options and improved search functionality, making it easier for users to access and manage product data as an Advanced Database Management System.
  • Enhanced Visualisation: Windchill 13 introduces substantial enhancements to 3D visualization, significantly improving performance and scalability, particularly when handling extensive and complex product structures. With the introduction of QuickView, the visualization experience becomes more straightforward, understandable, and faster to navigate. This novel feature plays a pivotal role for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers. It facilitates efficient collaboration, resulting in reduced engineering cycle times and, consequently, an elevation in overall product quality. QuickView is CAD-agnostic, providing support for thumbnails, and seamlessly integrates into various browser environments, including the product structure browser, CAD Structure, and BOM Transformer.
  • Smart Platforms: With the Windchill Smart Platforms dynamic positioning capability, designers have the power to craft a platform architecture that precisely outlines interfaces across a product structure. This is accomplished by employing positioning logic to construct and visualise novel product variations. Directly, eliminating the need for the creation of multiple CAD copies to manage positional variations. This approach enables the direct capture of design intent through the innovative positioning architecture, alongside the utilisation of rules to govern assembly logic and positioning. The direct exposure of positional intent from CAD construction geometry, combined with the capability to dynamically position modules, ultimately leads to the creation of a configured 3D digital mockup. This empowers customers to execute a modular product configuration strategy, considerably reducing design time.
  • Improved Digital Thread: PTC Windchill 13 places a significant emphasis on enhancing the Digital Thread. Windchill 13 connects product data, processes, IoT, and digital twins, enabling a comprehensive, intelligent Digital Thread for businesses. This leads to improved product quality, faster time-to-market, and enhanced collaboration across teams.
  • Windchill 13 integrates IoT via ThingWorx for real-time data collection, enhancing product development through seamless IoT device connectivity and analysis.
  • PTC’s AR solutions, like Vuforia, seamlessly integrate with Windchill 13, facilitating efficient data exchange and enhanced user experiences. This integration allows users to view and interact with 3D product models in real-world settings, aiding design assessment and inspections.
  • Cloud-Based Deployment Options: Recognizing the growing trend towards cloud-based solutions, PLM Central offers flexible deployment options for Windchill 13. Businesses can host Windchill on-premises, in PLMc cloud, or on public cloud platforms like AWS or Azure for flexible deployment. Now, consider how this integration aligns your organisation’s PLM strategy with its broader IT infrastructure.

PTC Windchill 13 represents a significant leap forward in the world of PLM software. Its focus on UX, better visualization, IoT, AR, and flexible deployment makes it ideal for efficient product development in businesses.

PTC leads in tech innovation, ensuring Windchill meets global industry needs amid advancing technology. Are you in manufacturing, medical devices, green technology, or any other field that relies on effective product lifecycle management? PTC Windchill 13 is worthy of being your PLM solution of choice.

29th September 2023
Stefan Dornescu