Green Technology Industry Solutions

Green Technology Industry Solutions are the Industries of the future and have the challenge to keep innovating. We have a built-in process that accelerates products to the market quicker and with fewer iterations. Considering most of the companies are startups or funded projects, we have gone with a subscription licence model. This reduces the cost of ownership and the model gives the flexibility to vary licences depending on the project requirements. We are here to help as many Green Technology company realise their true potential and are doing our bit for the environment. Customer references are available upon request.

All our solutions utilise Creo®, Windchill® , Thingworx® and Vuforia® Technology.

Key Features

  • Embedded Product Requirement & Reliability Management
  • Quick-release process for design information to be reviewed for faster & quicker changes
  • Rapid drawing creation from 3D design
  • Automatic part number/drawing number-creation (complex logics are possible) for the team
  • Design document management which is automatically published and controlled in PDF or any other format including easy integration to Office365
  • 3D visualisation for the prototype team and purchase team
  • Access control depending on the role of the particular individual
  • Automatic and quick Bill of Material (BOM) Creation & Management. Various plant-specific or process-specific BOM view are supported
  • Issue or problem report or customer warranty management included within the solution
  • Easy to use Change Management System which simple to configure
  • 3D annotation for review & markup included within the solution
  • Automatic digital sign off included within the solution
  • Inbuilt reporting capabilities for the team & also for the wider management
  • (Optional) Compliance & Quality Management system
  • (Optional) Multi-Mechanical CAD Integration- Supported Mechanical CAD system, Creo Parametric, Solidworks, NX, SolidEdge, Catia V5, CATIA 3D EXPERIENCE, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical, Autodesk Inventor, Revit etc…
  • (Optional) Multi-Electrical CAD Integration- Supported Electrical CAD system, Cadence Allegro, Mentor Graphics, Mentor Graphics PADS, Zuken CR-5000, Zuken CR-800, Altium Designer etc…
Green Technology

Key Benefits

  • This solution encourages departments like manufacturing and purchasing to be involved right from the concept stage to reduce the number of late changes.
  • Focuses on the very lean product development process
  • Reducing product iteration which results in getting the product right the first time and therefore getting the product to market faster, beating the competition.
  • Role-based, easy to use interface (GUI) for the entire enterprise
  • Helps beat the competition by faster design to manufacturing cycle
  • The data is presented to the entire business in a safe & secured manner and customers have various options available to enhance the security depending on enterprise requirement.
  • Expanding the digital thread across the enterprise results in a drastic reduction in duplication, search time and data accuracy, which increases efficiency
  • With our easy system adoption process, the system would nicely blend into to fabric of the enterprise
  • Role & maturity based data control for the entire enterprise
  • “One Version of Truth” for the entire enterprise
  • During the time of implementation, the project can be executed in manageable phases to reduce the impact on the business
  • The system can be accessed from a workstation/tablet/mobile device.
  • The option of Cloud/on-premise installation available to work seamlessly from home or in office

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