Retail and Fashion Industry Solutions

With consumers demanding higher quality products, at greater speeds and even greater innovation, the Retail, Apparel, Fashion and Footwear industries are constantly changing. This new reality has led retailers and brands to a whole new level of complexity. This manifests in compressed business processes and decision making, diminished creativity and collaboration, stiffer competition, broader product lines, constant cost pressures, complex supply chains, and more. With the ability to transform the planning, design, product development, sourcing, supply chain and other processes, our Retail & Fashion solutions and technologies have become indispensable to the success of apparel, accessories, footwear, home furnishings and other fashion and soft-goods retailers and brands.

All our solutions utilise Creo®, Windchill® , Thingworx®, Vuforia® and PLM Flex® Technology.

Key Features

  • Based on the Windchill Flex PLM platform.
  • These solutions can be used in Retail, Apparel, Fashion, Footwear & Consumer Product
  • External Supplier access possible during the concept development
  • BOM & Change Management System integrated into one.
  • Support for collaboration across the entire enterprise
  • Standardised design, development and sourcing processes internally and helps external supplier align to your processes.
  • Reduced delays, errors, and rework
  • Languages localisation: English, Simplified Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, French, and Spanish
  • Automatic item number/drawing number-creation (complex logics are possible) for the team
  • Our solution encouraging design reuse of items in the products.
  • Design document management which is automatically published and controlled in PDF or any other format including easy integration to Office365
  • Access control depending on the role of the particular individual
  • Automatic and quick Bill of Material (BOM) Creation & Management. Various plant-specific or process-specific BOM view are supported
  • Issue or Problem Report included within the solution
  • Easy to use Change Management System which simple to configure included with external supplier access available.
  • 3D annotation for review & markup included within the solution
  • Automatic digital sign-off included within the solution
  • Inbuilt reporting capabilities for the team & also for the wider management
  • During the time of deployment, the project can be executed in manageable phases to reduce the impact on the business
  • The option of Cloud/on-premise installation available to work seamlessly from home or in office
  • (Optional) Compliance & Quality Management system
  • (Optional) Requires Adobe Illustrator CC

Key Benefits

  • Latest product information on your finger-tips and accelerate time to market
  • Structured, central repository for the entire enterprise including suppliers, promoting ” Single Version of Truth” in the enterprise
  • Easily scalable and doesn’t depend on organisation size
  • Identify development and cost risks earlier
  • Reduces costly late changes for the entire enterprise
  • Easy to get certified ISO 9001 certification
  • Digitise concept-to-spec approval process
  • Enhance creativity and productivity
  • Improve design-development collaboration
  • Reducing inventory cost
  • Reducing product iteration which results in getting the product right the first time therefore faster to the market, beating the competition.
  • The data is presented to the entire business in a safe & secured manner and the customer have various options available to enhance the security depending on enterprise requirement.
  • Expanding the digital thread across the enterprise results in a drastic reduction in duplication, search time & data accuracy, which increases efficiency
  • With our easy system adoption process, the system would nicely blend into to fabric of the enterprise
  • The system can be accessed from a workstation/tablet/mobile device.

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