White Paper: Model Based Product Development (MBPD) – Driving Product Development from Concept to Service Instructions

Find out what MBPD is and how you can implement it in your organisation.

Model-Based Product Development

Model-based Product Development takes Center Stage.

Discover the transformative power of Model-Based Product Development (MBPD) with PTC‘s white paper written by Brian Thompson. This comprehensive guide takes you on a journey through the implementation process of MBPD, revolutionising product design.

From concept development to manufacturing process development, the native CAD model becomes the driving force behind the digital thread throughout the entire product development lifecycle. Designed for design engineers involved in product development, this white paper delves into:

  • the MBPD approach
  • compelling case studies
  • familiarising readers with key MBD terminology

PTC’s white paper by Brian Thompson explores the implementation of model-based product development (MBPD), revolutionising product design from concept to manufacturing. Discover the MBPD approach, real-world case studies, and key MBD terminology.

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