What’s New in Creo 10: Trilogy Webinar series

Webinar Series 1: Model-Based Definition and the Digital Thread.

Welcome to the first installment of our trio webinar series, “What’s New in Creo 10.” Throughout this series, our goal is to showcase the impactful capabilities within Creo 10, emphasizing its role in advancing product manufacturing through digital transformation.

Dealing with the complexities and limitations of 2D drawings can be exhausting. Witness how Model-Based Definition seamlessly integrates into the product lifecycle, influencing stakeholder interactions and shaping the journey from design to manufacturing and machining.

In our first webinar, “Model-Based Definition and the Digital Thread,” we explored the following aspects:

  • What is Model-Based Definition?
  • The main components of Model-Based Definition (MBD) and the attached PMI (Product Manufacturing Information)
  • Model-Based Definition in the product lifecycle and stakeholder interaction.
  • 3D CAD model annotation and combination stage
  • From design to manufacturing and machining
  • The Digital Thread
  • Creo tools.

Let us look at the two major concepts we explored during the webinar.

In Model-Based Definition, the 3D model serves as the designated reference for both geometric data and Product Manufacturing Information, aiming to establish a “single source of truth.”

By relying on the 3D model as the central point of information, MBD seeks to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and consistency throughout the product lifecycle and manufacturing processes.

Learn more about “model-based product development.”

On the other hand, the Digital Thread is a connected bridge between the digital world (e.g., computer designs) and the physical world (products). This is a breakthrough in how things are produced, built, serviced, and eventually recycled. The Digital Thread simplifies and improves everything by ensuring all the steps in a product’s journey are intelligently in sync and efficient.

Watch the live Webinar event here!

Stay tuned for webinar Series 2!