PTC Windchill 12.0

Easy, secure access to product data

What’s new in Windchill 12?

Discover the latest updates in Windchill, the enterprise Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system that promotes collaboration, innovation, and quality across all locations. With PTC Windchill 12, you can work together seamlessly from any location, ensuring that quality is integrated throughout the product lifecycle.

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Easy, secure access to product data

Windchill 12 builds upon the web-based interface and customizable applications of its predecessor, allowing for enhanced collaboration and expanded access to product information throughout the enterprise. Additionally, a new feature in PTC Windchill 12 and ThingWorx Navigate 9.0 empowers customers to create their own applications using a fast application development environment that utilizes reusable components and can integrate data from various systems.

Quality built into every project and process

Quality built into every project and process with windchill

Windchill 12 is the ideal solution for companies with diverse and widely dispersed departments, such as engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, and field service. By closing the loop on processes across the enterprise, Windchill 12 provides greater end-to-end capabilities, allowing companies to uncover design issues earlier and respond more quickly to quality events. These capabilities help reduce the cost of poor quality, enabling greater speed to market and increased customer satisfaction. Windchill 12 also features a new proof of traceability feature, tightly integrated with Windchill RV&S, Windchill Modeler, and third-party requirements management tools like IBM Doors Next Gen, providing intellectual property protection. With the recent launch of Creo 7.0, Windchill 12 and Creo View 7.0 enable users to identify changes in CAD design view states to manage critical-to-quality (CTQ) characteristics visually.

Concurrent manufacturing

Meeting the increasing demand for customer-driven product configurations can be a challenging task, especially given the current disruptions in the supply chain, evolving safety regulations, and the pressure to launch products quickly. Windchill 12 is here to help customers adopt more flexible ways of producing products by ensuring continuity between the design and the information on the factory shop floor through a digital thread. With the introduction of powerful BOM transformation tools, Windchill 12 enables manufacturing engineers to swiftly view and reconcile upstream changes to downstream manufacturing and plant-specific BOMs.

Furthermore, customers can benefit from Thingworx Navigate’s user-friendly role-based apps, which provide several advantages, such as:

  • Mitigating supply chain interruptions by granting external companies direct access to design drawings.
  • Providing access to product and design information through the Navigate kiosk.
  • Interacting with 3D CAD designs and reporting problems, as well as approving change requests through Navigate Contribute.
Concurrent manufacturing windchill

Digital deployment

Digital deployment windchill

Windchill offers various deployment options to suit different business needs and guarantees both uptime and security compliance, ensuring that PLM users can work securely and reliably from their device browsers. PTC is committed to openness and standards-based integration/API, and it continues to uphold this commitment with new enhancements based on the ODATA standard, enabling multi-system orchestration and compatibility with PTC and non-PTC applications. To simplify upgrades and maximize the benefits of the latest Windchill platform, Windchill 12 provides administrators with additional tools to plan and execute upgrades from previous releases.

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