Pro/INTRALINK End of Life – Upgrade Now (For FREE)

Today, PTC is announcing the retirement of Pro/INTRALINK and the version, released in December of 2019, will be the product’s final release. Pro/INTRALINK will continue to be supported through the planned end-of-support dates for the release, currently scheduled for Q2 2021. During this support period, PTC will continue to provide software updates per the patch schedule and Creo compatibility updates.

To transition customers from Pro/INTRALINK, PTC is offering an exchange of existing Pro/INTRALINK licenses to Windchill licenses (providing Creo data management and visualisation support). Unlike Pro/INTRALINK’s concurrent licensing, Windchill licensing is based on a registered user. To address this difference, PTC will offer customers a 1:3 Pro/INTRALINK license to Windchill license exchange for each Pro/INTRALINK multi-site license and a 1:1 Pro/INTRALINK to Windchill exchange of Pro/INTRALINK single-site license for Windchill.

These new licenses deliver additional value at no added cost and include access to change management, project management and execution, project collaboration, desktop integration and licensing rights to integrate with non-PTC systems. The transition to Windchill packaging also provides the ability to extend the value of your engineering data. For example, grant engineering data access to non-expert users for procurement with Thingworx Navigate. Or grow your solution beyond traditional PDM to PLM with such capabilities as BOM management, classification, supplier management, and manufacturing process planning.

For additional information about this transition, Contact a PLM Central sales representative.

Pro/INTRALINK End of Life

5th March 2020
Niketh Shetty