Creo 8 Enhancements

Exactly what you’d expect from the software you trust. Creo 8.0 offers enhancements to model-based definition (MBD), additive and subtractive manufacturing, generative design and simulation. You’ll also find usability and productivity improvements to help you deliver better products faster. Turbocharge your design process with Creo 8: the future of how you design.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Model tree enhancements (quilts, custom groups, side-by-side tree) means you can capture and group design items for easier understanding of model structure.
  • Snapshot features enable historical review, so you can show or copy quilts/bodies at selected time in model history.
  • Hole feature improvements give you enhanced tapped, threaded holes, and the placement of several holes with a single sketch.
  • Creo now has the ability to create multiple flat walls in sheetmetal to a common definition, the ability to create geodesic curves, and also offers enhancements to routed systems.
  • Inseparable assemblies give you easier component management of purchased parts.
  • Render Studio offers the option to leverage supported GPUs.
  • And much more in MBD & Detailing, Optimisation & Simulation and Additive & Subtractive Manufacturing to list a few.

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