Women in Tech – Blog for international Womens day

I’ve never considered myself a huge science buff. Whilst I do work in Digital Marketing, an ever-evolving technology industry, I never questioned how the platform were built or how the technology spoke to each other. Then, six months ago I was invited to an interview at PLM Central, a Digital Transformation company, who upskill organisations with transformative software that changes how the day to day operation of businesses work. 

As a creative person, diving into a variety of different projects and industries has always been exciting for me. Initially, I was completely overwhelmed by the technological advancements offered by PLM Central, but I was equally fascinated. 

I may not be a ‘Women in tech’ in the traditional sense of the term, but over the last 6 months, I’ve loved learning about how Computer-Aided Design or Augmented Reality can drastically change how industries function.  Appling my marketing skills to boosting the awareness of these complex, yet life-altering, software’s, has been an absolute joy, and women everywhere need to jump in.

Being the only women in the team is strangely something I expected but desperately want to see evolve.  This world of tech is fascinating and ever-growing.  Whilst massive progress has been made in removing the gender gap and stigma, I want to encourage more change, in all areas of science and tech. I’m not a scientist, but have found my place, and this international women’s day, I encourage women everywhere to do the same. 

Women in Tech

4th March 2021
Niketh Shetty