Webinar Series 2: Design Composite and Ergonomics.

What’s New in Creo 10: Trilogy Webinar series.

During the course of the webinar, Felician discussed the concept of composite design from the design stage to the manufacturing stage and how the new Manikin feature in Creo 10 enhances product usability across relevant industries such as the automotive industry, marine, transport, consumer goods, and other related industries that use composite materials for their products.

Here are the major key terms used within the webinar and what they mean.

Composite Design entails merging several components or materials to form a cohesive structure or product with improved qualities. This approach is applied in a variety of domains, including engineering and software design. In structural engineering, it is common to combine a matrix and reinforcing materials to increase overall performance. Overall, composite design seeks to maximise quality by combining the strengths of several elements.

Design Ergonomics, often known as ergonomic design or human factors engineering, is the science of optimising humans’ interactions with the goods, systems, or surroundings they use. It focuses on producing user-friendly and efficient designs that take into account users’ physical, cognitive, and sensory capacities, with the goal of increasing comfort, safety, and general well-being. The goal is to alleviate discomfort, reduce the risk of damage, and improve the overall user experience in domains including product design, workplace design, and interface design.

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