WEBINAR: AR in the Face of Covid Upload

The coronavirus crisis of 2020 is changing the way we work, perhaps forever. Travel bans, lockdowns, and social distancing policies disrupted business around the world, forcing companies to find new ways to work. The trend toward a more distributed, mobile, and agile workforce was already unmistakable, but the crisis has dramatically accelerated this shift for workers who can thrive in the virtual world. But perhaps the bigger news coming out of the crisis is that the larger front-line workforce operating in the physical world participated for the first time in digital transformation in a meaningful way.

This webinar will explain how AR can greatly benefit and support the practice of social distancing in industry.

For those who missed out on this webinar about “AR in the Face of Covid” , a video has been made, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

20th July 2020
Niketh Shetty