WEBINAR: AI Driven Generative Design

Harness the power of AI and deliver your best designs in less time thanks to this webinar about AI Driven Generative Design!

Introduced by:- Kolawole Agoro, an Applications Engineer at PLM Central
Speaker:- Muhsin Ali, a Senior Applications Engineer also at PLM Central.

Are you looking to create optimal CAD model designs from a set of requirements you specify, produce high-quality designs at a lower cost and ready-to-manufacture products? Then look no further.

Generative Design allows you to:
• Rapidly explore innovative designs
• Cut costs
• Improve quality
• Reduce time-to-market
• Faster exploration
• More in-depth examination of different combinations of materials and manufacturing processes

For those who missed out on this webinar about AI Driven Generative Design a video has been made, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

AI Driven Generative Design webinar CAD CREO PLM

22nd April 2021
Niketh Shetty