Updates to Java Subscriptions

As you know, Windchill relies on the Java environment. However, since January 2019, Oracle’s new policies which required customers to obtain appropriate Java SE Subscriptions from Oracle prevented PTC from providing Java to our customers, even as a convenience. As a result, Windchill products no longer bundled Java with product distributions, leaving customers to obtain and deploy both full Oracle Java SE releases and Oracle Java SE updates (including security fixes).

Since the release of Windchill in December 2019, PTC has now certified Windchill for both Oracle’s Java and Amazon Corretto OpenJDK. This will now allow our customers to have a choice for their Java environment. In addition, we will certify Windchill 11.1 M020, the current long-term support stream of Windchill 11.1, with Amazon Corretto OpenJDK using CPS10.

6th February 2020
Stefan Dornescu