PTC Learning Connector (eLearning)

PTC Learning Connector (eLearning) is an integrated learning tool that provides context-sensitive access to a variety of learning content. Just-in-time access to eLearning, tutorials, knowledge base and help centre content.

PTC Learning Connector – Why do We Need It?

In their current state, customers are challenged to develop useful skills and maximize the value of their investment in Creo. Without training resources, users are:

  • slow to learn and utilize core software features and functions.  The lack of knowledge and limited skill set makes it difficult for users to create high-quality designs on time and under budget.
  • The need to create and deliver designs on time can frequently require inexperienced users to solicit advice and assistance from experienced and expert users. 
  • Regular interruptions can result in lost productivity from high-end users.  Companies that fail to provide access to training materials will face ongoing challenges to develop as well as inconsistent levels of user skills and expertise. 
  • The wide range of user skills creates additional problems when required to allocate resources and manage programs. 
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PTC Learning Connector capabilities

  • This tool provides flexibility and control to learn something new or something more, during moments of need and moments of want.
  • PTC Learning Connector is seamlessly integrated with PTC products. The addition of eLearning ensures every Creo user is able to rapidly learn and expand their skill and expertise. 
  • Just-in-time access to learning provides much-needed information when required and is needed to support and promote user skills development. 
  • Access to training information is just a click away giving users flexibility and control to learn as and when they need to.
  • PTC Learning Connector provides a comprehensive collection of learning content and materials. 
  • Users are able to rapidly scroll through the recommended context-sensitive materials to access eLearning, tutorials, knowledge base assets and help center content. 
  • The search function can also be used to find specific content based on search criteria.


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PTC Learning Connector Delivers Value

  • PTC Learning Connector improves user skill and expertise allowing companies to maximize ROI by extending the value of Creo.
  • It can dramatically improve user skills and expertise.
  • Users can rapidly learn, adopt and utilize new and advanced functionality using embedded eLearning content, tutorials and other training resources. 
  • Educated users are more productive and efficient using a wide range of basic and advanced software features and functionality. 
  • The increased level of skill and expertise serves to motivate and increase the level of job and personal satisfaction. 
  • Better users are able to gain extended benefits and value from Creo allowing companies to maximize the return on their investment. 

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