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What is Product Lifecycle Management PLM?

Do you know that historically, PLM solutions come from the need to manage many resources in the automotive and aerospace industries?!! Nowadays, PLM is no longer limited to specific products and is aimed at any company developing products and facing market pressures such as lower costs, demand for higher quality products, or accelerating time to market.

Communication difficulties? Projects gone wrong? Regulatory requirements that have not been met? Then PLM solutions are for you! We acknowledge that each company has different needs depending on the size, the sector and the level of digitalization. 

In order to ensure that the solution meets your individual specificities , PLM must be adapted to the targeted sector. This is why PLM Central, from its experience, advises you and provides a solution adapted to your industry requirements and expectations. To learn more about our Industry solutions, visit our website page :

As part of PTC’s Partner Network, at PLM Central we have more than 20 years experience in various verticals ! click here or contact us on :

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27th October 2022
Tolulope Favour Kolawole