PLM Central to support Edale in Digital Transformations Vision 2025

With 2020 changing how the world operates, the need for Digital transformation has not been more apparent. This is most certainly the case with our latest recruit, Edale. They have signed up for a long-term contract with PLM Central to fully utilise the huge range of capabilities our PTC solutions offers. PTC offer Digital Transformation solutions to a wide variety of industries, and PLM Central are  a PTC Partner and Reseller. 

Edale are engineers of world-class tailor-made flexographic printing and converting solutions for the packaging industry, based in Whiteley in the UK. Whilst they have been working with PTC technology for almost 15 years, they have never really utilised the full extent of the products. With diminishing ROI, lower value for money and inefficiencies, they were close to moving away from PTC. However, after discovering PLM Central, speaking to our expert teams, and applying the Engineering and Manufacturing solutions to their problems, Edale’s faith and excitement for PTC products were renewed.

Glen Whittington,  Edale Design Office Manager, said

“Speaking to PLM Central was a breath of fresh air. They quickly and efficiently identified cost-effective gains and brought back efficiency to my whole team. We have signed a long-term deal with them, so they can guide us through our new ‘Digital Transformations Vision 2025’ initiative over a three-staged period.”

Niketh Shetty, PLM  Central’s Director also had a few great words to say,

“After speaking to Glen, listening to all his fears and doubts regarding PTC products, I delved deep into both the needs of the company and the capabilities/functionalities of our amazing PTC products. Glen Passion for Creating innovative products inspired us to showcase the amazing solution these PTC products offer.”

10th May 2021
Niketh Shetty