Oracle 19c Update

As communicated by Oracle regarding the imminent end of support for Oracle release (widely known as 12cR2) being November 2020 (without any option of Extended Support), PTC plans to support next Oracle release i.e. 19c* with our upcoming Windchill RV&S Release 12.3.1. This change in supported Oracle database release version means that customers will have to use the upgrade process to get to Windchill RV&S 12.3.1 release, instead of an update.

Because Windchill RV&S 12.3.1 is going to be an upgrade release, customers using Microsoft SQL as database server for Windchill RV&S will also have to upgrade their Windchill RV&S environments instead of an update.

We’ll update all the supporting artefacts, such as Windchill RV&S Product Platforms, to reflect these details.

  • The Premier Support period for Oracle 19c release (March 2023) extends well beyond 2 years standard support for Windchill RV&S 12.3.1 Release.

13th July 2020
Niketh Shetty