Options and Variants Management in Windchill

Options and Variants in Creo/Windchill using the Options Modeller

Options and Variants in Creo/Windchill using Overloaded Structures

Interactive demos on how easy and simple it is to create options & variants using our best-selling CAD and PLM programs, PTC Creo Parametric and Windchill.

Companies have various challenges regarding product configuration. Products are becoming more complex, and customers want a lot of configurations for their products. Configurations range from types of features, regional compliance and many more. To extend the Digital Thread story, you can see (in the video) our options and variants Configurators give the sales team and engineers the flexibility to configure the product and manage their association right on to manufacturing. The visualisations and drawings are created automatically as a part of their association with CAD. Our configurator is rule-based, and very complex logic can be achieved.

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18th November 2020
Stefan Dornescu