Introduction to Creo Parametric – Productivity Tools

Course Length: 24 Hours

In this course, you will focus on learning advanced modeling skills. Topics include patterning; measuring and inspecting models; group, copy, and mirror tools; assembly creation; explode states and explode line creation; drawing creation; using layers; investigating parent/child relationships; capturing design intent; and resolving failures and seeking help. This course also includes a comprehensive design project that enables you to practice your new skills by creating realistic parts, assemblies, and drawings. After completing this course, you will be well prepared to work effectively on product design projects using Creo Parametric.

You will complete Pro/FICIENCY skills assessment questions for each topic. These questions are used to help reinforce your understanding of the course topics.

Course Objectives

  • Group, copy, and mirror items
  • Create patterns
  • Measure and inspect models
  • Assemble with constraints
  • Assemble with connections
  • Explode assemblies
  • Lay out drawings and create views
  • Create drawing annotations
  • Use layers
  • Investigate parent/child relationships
  • Capture and manage design intent
  • Resolve failures and seek help
  • Complete the comprehensive design project

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