Creo Schematics

Creo Schematics is a comprehensive, stand-alone 2D diagramming solution for creating schematic diagrams for routed systems such as cabling design, piping design, HVAC design, and hydraulic systems design. Now, design professionals across multiple disciplines can streamline their product development process and collaborate with each other more effectively.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Formerly known as ‘Routed System Design’, Creo Schematics provides rich, multi-discipline tools that design engineers need to create schematic designs quickly and easily
  • Helps companies who need to introduce smart connected products faster than the competition, at a lower cost, and with higher quality
  • Capture electrical and mechanical design intelligence within a single digital model
  • Windows® Explorer-style interface which is easy to use
  • Improve product quality by improving collaboration among electrical and mechanical designers. Some of the diagrams supported are:
    • P&ID Diagram
    • Block Diagram
    • Wiring Diagram
    • HVAC Diagram
    • Functional Diagram
    • Schematic Diagram
    • Hydraulic Diagram
    • Pneumatic Diagram
  • Automatically create detailed 3D routed system designs from 2D schematics within Creo Parametric, and reduce errors and speed up time to market
  • Preserve the value of existing 2D data in both Creo Parametric and Creo Elements/Direct 3D modelling environments

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