Creo Render Studio

Creo Render Studio supports the fast, accurate creation of high-quality photorealistic images for product review, evaluation, marketing and sales. It also provides powerful rendering functionality that allows user to easily generate stunning product images using the native design file.

Key Features and Benefits

  • With Creo Render Studio, powered by Luxion’s KeyShot ® you can easily generate stunning photorealistic images of your
  • The perfect tool to makes a great initial impression of your design to customers & internally design reviews.
  • Creo Render Studio is fully integrated with Creo Parametric, so you can switch between the rendering and modelling modes without the need to exit the rendering application
  • Work in Real-Time
  • Property your intellectual(IP), so you can send rendered images to external stakeholders without sending your proprietary CAD data with it
  • Flexibility into how you work and streamlines your approach to visual communication
  • Totally associative with Creo, any design changes would show up in Creo Parametric automatically
  • no need to buy a separate license of Keyshot and users can work within a one single Creo interface
  • The default render scenes and customizable environments
  • Rapidly create and evaluate design choices
  • Rendering eliminate the high cost to create and evaluate prototypes
  • Make informed decisions to increase consumer appeal
  • The main intention here is to create products that look better and sell better
  • Has an entire host of advanced appearances libraries
  • The following features included-
    • Scenes containing HDRI environments and lighting
    • Advanced appearance libraries for traditional plastics, metals, paint, etc.
    • Interactive Material Assignments
    • Camera Controls
    • Export option to share data with standalone KeyShot
    • Output standard image formats: JPEG, TIF, PNG
    • Interactive ray tracing

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Creo Render studio

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