Snap-on UK goes live with Creo!

Snapon Tools UK goes live with Creo

Snap-on, founded in 1920, has since become a global leader in providing high-quality tools and equipment. Recognised for its durability and commitment to innovation, Snap-on has been has been setting industry standards for over 100 years. Snap-on services industry professionals in the United Kingdom through a network of franchisees.

Snap-on UK Partners with PLM Central

SolidWorks is getting phased out in favour of PTC Creo and Windchill. This marks a significant shift towards new age manufacturing innovation. It gives us nothing but great joy at PLM Central to kick-start the successful implementation of PTC Creo and Windchill in elevating their processes in 2024 and beyond.

PLM Central plays a pivotal role by supporting Snap-on with:

  • Implementing PTC Creo, our market-leading product design and modelling software, will further amplify Snap-on Tools’ innovation capabilities. Design engineers at Snap-on UK now have access to advanced Creo tools, simulations, and analysis features, empowering them to create intricate and effective tooling designs. Ensuring that Snap-on maintains premium quality standards and processes.
  • By implementing PTC Windchill, Snap-on can effectively manage their product lifecycle data in a centralised manner. With features such as real-time visibility, data collaboration, and comprehensive change management. PTC Windchill will transform their data management processes with a streamlined approach that will enable teams to make faster and more informed decisions, reducing time-to-market and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Snap-on’s collaboration with PLM Central and their adoption of PTC Creo and Windchill will drive innovation in the tooling industry. This successful partnership offers a glimpse into the future of product lifecycle management and computer-aided design for the tooling industry.

13th February 2024
Tolulope Favour Kolawole