Creo View

Creo View is a simple but powerful enterprise visualisation technology that enables virtually effortless collaboration across local and global design teams. Access to multiple forms of engineering data including 3D CAD models, 2D drawings, documents, electrical schematics, and printed circuit boards both interactively at your desktop or through augmented reality (AR) allows design authors, project managers and downstream suppliers to quickly and easily access and share information between themselves and other stakeholders.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Creo View MCAD is a universal viewer that brings 3D MCAD product models, assemblies, drawings, images and documents to everyone’s desktop for comprehensive interrogation and visual collaboration – all without the need for native authoring applications.
  • By offering a comprehensive view, measure, markup, export/import and annotation tools, as well as market-leading performance, Creo View MCAD can accelerate the important design reviews that occur throughout the product development process
  • Simple and powerful viewer Easy and intuitive user interface enables the visualization of MCAD models, documents and images in a common, consistent experience across the enterprise.
  • Supports a wide variety of 3D models, 2D drawing and image source formats, supports (with optional adapters) all major MCAD formats, including
    • CADDS5®
    • CATIA V4, CATIA V5,
    • NX ®
    • I-DEAS ®
    • SolidWorks ®
    • Microstation®
    • (DGN) and Autodesk ®
    • Inventor ™
    • View richly annotated model-based designs from Creo and CATIA V5 (requires optional adapter)
    • Visually integrate ECAD and MCAD information
    • within the same user experience (also requires
    • Creo View ECAD)
    • Supports JT format (requires optional adapter)
  • Instantly familiar, task-based user interface with undo/redo capabilities, encompasses metadata and annotations
  • provide immediate reference information to the user
  • Easily create smart exploded product views
  • Supports STEP AP203 and AP214 standards for the exchange of product structure and geometry information
  • With Creo View, you’re on the way to faster and higher quality design reviews, improved user and extended design team collaboration, and higher quality products at a lower cost.
  • Navigate through a model directly from within the PLM system using advanced 3D thumbnail technology

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