Creo Elements / Direct Modelling

Creo Elements/Direct modelling is a lightweight, flexible, fast design software. With an easy click and drag component, you can modify geometry, or enter the new numeric value, leading to complete freedom with the design intent. it is a mature product often compared to working with ‘modelling clay’, and comes with a full range of extensions to meet specialised needs. Moreover, it is easy to pick up and work on a direct 3D product with minimal ramp-up time. In addition, it is easy to incorporate multi-CAD data from partners or suppliers and then go on to produce a digital prototype or proposal quickly.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Creo Elements / Direct Modeling work directly with Geometry. Parameters & features are optional
  • Makes radical changes and reaches the design goal faster and enables rapid prototyping
  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • Brainstorm in 3D Explore creates design options quickly
  • Evolve concepts without knowing your final destination
  • Leverage only what you need back out of design changes easily
  • Make fast assembly-wide changes & share superb visualisations
  • Easy, fast visuals for bids and proposals
  • Excellent for late-stage Design changes
  • Enable cross-functional users to make design edits and suggestions in design reviews
  • Real-time direct modelling makes 3D design totally intuitive and predictable
  • Use automatic feature recognition turns any geometry design into intelligent features
  • Design in a combined ‘part and assembly’ mode. Design either top-down, bottom-up or a combination of both
  • Clash and interference & moving mechanisms available
  • Linear static, deformation, and stationary thermal analysis
  • Nonlinear deformation, transient thermal, vibration, & failure analysis
  • Work with Multi-CAD Data
  • Capture Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), including 3D Geometric Dimension and Tolanaces (GD&T) Team designs and produce manufacturing 2D and 3D documentation
  • Shave time off design cycles by repurposing, or radically transforming existing designs into new and completely different products
  • Rapidly iterate product designs to create better opportunities for market-winning products
  • Customer reference available on request!

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