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PLM Central and crossland tankers manufacturing digital transformation Innovation

Crossland Tankers and PLMCentral have been working on a Digital Transformation Road map for the last 5 years. Our Engineering and Manufacturing Industry Solutions, based on #PTC #Windchill Technology, have been the cornerstone of this road map.

We are excited to announce that the next phase of the development has been identified and signed off. Crossland Tankers are planning to use M-BOM tools to manage their Manufacturing Bill of Materials, Process Plan, and Operation information and will integrate with their ERP system. The enterprise change process will be integral for the integration to work.

The rich manufacturing information will be accessed using a handle device from the shop floor. The automated work instruction will be embedded with Vuforia (Mixed Reality) information as a next step in the digital thread. The integration between the 2 systems will be driven by our PLMc ERP Connector App. Click here

This was signed off by Operation Director, Mr. Pearse McKeefry from Crossland Tankers & Mr. Niketh Shetty, our Director.

This is a real showcase of how Digital Thread can be used right from a Product Enquiry Stage to all the way to manufacturing and truly a great tribute to British & North Ireland Manufacturing Business.

PLM Central is ready to guide its clients at all times to “Create Innovation”

Digital Innovation

12th July 2022
Tolulope Favour Kolawole

Digital Marketing Executive

PLM Central LTD