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The essential 3D parametric CAD solution.


Creo 1Creo Parametric positions you to be more productive than ever with the most robust 3D product design toolset and the new functionality you will need to design the products of the future.

Creo Parametric gives you access to a richer, more efficient product design experience backed by our global resources and  decades of success. With Creo Parametric, and its extensions, you can create, analyze, view, and share designs downstream using 2D CAD, 3D CAD, parametric and direct modeling capabilities. Take advantage of breakthrough capabilities in additive manufacturing, model-based definition (MBD), and smart connected design. You can even reuse your CAD data to create AR (augmented reality) experiences easily.

PTC Creo 4.0 let’s you,

• Increase productivity with more efficient and flexible 3D detailed design capabilities
• Quickly and easily create 3D models of any part or assembly
• Dedicated toolset for working with large assemblies
• Create manufacturing drawings automatically with complete confidence that they will always reflect your current design
• Improve design aesthetics with comprehensive surfacing capabilities
• Repurpose neutral and non PTC CAD data from customers and suppliers easily, avoiding the need to convert files or recreate 3D models from scratch
• Instant access to a parts library including screws, bolts, nuts, and washers
• Get instant access to comprehensive learning materials and tutorials from within the product to get productive faster

PTC Creo Parametric capabilities

3D solid modeling
Creo• Create precise geometry, regardless of model complexity
• Automatically dimension sketches for fast, easy reuse
• Quickly build robust engineering features such as rounds, chamfers, holes, and more
• Create part variants using family tables

Robust assembly modeling
• Enjoy smarter, faster assembly modeling performance
• Create simplified representations ‘on-the-fly’
• Share lightweight yet fully accurate model representations using the unique Shrinkwrap™ tool
• Leverage real-time collision detection

Detailed documentation including 2D and
3D drawings

• Create 2D and 3D drawings according to international standards, including ASME, ISO, and JIS

• Create an associative Bill-of-Material (BOM) and associated balloon notes automatically
• Automate the creation of drawings with templates

Technical surfacing
• Develop complex surface geometry using sweeps, blends, extends, offsets, and a variety of other specialized features
• Trim/extend surfaces using tools such as extrude, revolve, blend, and sweep
• Perform surface operations such as copy, merge, extend, and transform
• Define complex surface geometry Freestyle surfacing
• Quickly create freeform shapes and surfaces using sub-divisional modeling capabilities
• High-quality, parameterized surfaces can be immediately reused in a 3D detailed design process
• Multilevel subdivisional modeling for more control over the surface, enabling finer detailing without altering the existing shape
• Parametrically control Freestyle geometry by aligning to existing curves or edges with tangency control

Sheetmetal modeling
• Create walls, bends, punches, notches, forms, and reliefs using the streamlined user interface
• Automatically generate flat patterns from 3D geometry
• Use a variety of bend allowance calculations to create flat patterns of the designs

Digital human modeling
• Insert and manipulate a digital human inside your CAD model
• Gain valuable insight about interactions between your product and people who manufacture, use, and service the product earlier in the design cycle

Weld modeling and structural framework design
• Optimized user interface for the structural framework design process
• Define joining requirementsCreo
• Extract valuable information from the model, such as mass properties, clearances, interferences, and cost data
• Easily produce complete 2D weld documentation
• Intelligent component library and automatic creation of downstream deliverables for faster frame design than standard techniques

Analysis features
• Perform basic static structural analysis on parts and assemblies
• Validate the kinematic motion of your design
• Interoperability with Mathcad® engineering calculation software lets you integrate Mathcad worksheets with your design to predict behavior and drive critical parameters and dimensions ( Mathcad optionally available)
• Add Microsoft® Excel® files to your design
• Integrated analysis and measure tools including draft and 3D thickness evaluation

Graphic experience and integrated design animation
• Shade with reflections for displaying different material classes such as metal, glass, paint, and plastic. Produce realistic interaction representations of these appearance types on the model while still being able to dynamically make changes
• Create accurate, photorealistic images of products quickly, while rendering even the largest assemblies
• Make dynamic geometry changes while maintaining effects such as shadows, reflections, textures, and transparency
• Create assembly/disassembly animations directly from the modeling environment
• Reuse models easily, with the option to include mechanism simulation

Design for Additive Manufacturing
• Define settings for multiple 3D printers
• Position, scale and show a clipped view of the 3D model and support material on the printer tray
• Quickly perform 3D printability checks and easily correct identified issues
• Print parts and assemblies, define surface finishes, materials, colors and calculate build and support material directly from Creo using a Stratasys Connex printer. Position the model on the print tray and view the required
supporting material in Creo.

Data exchange
• Work with a number of standard file formats including STEP, IGES, DXF, STL, VRML, AutoCAD DWG, DXF (import of 3D with associated 2D), ACIS import/export, Parasolid import/export*
• With the use of Unite technology, convert data from other CAD systems including: CATIA®, Siemens® NX™, SolidWorks®, Autodesk®, and SolidEdge®
• Incorporate non-Creo data directly into their designs without creating additional business objects or files to manage
• Support export of non-Creo formats (CATIA, Siemens NX, SolidWorks) as well as associative updates with additional purchased capabilities*

CreoWorking with imported non-Creo Data
• Use Import Data Doctor (IDD) to repair, modify, or featurize geometry imported into PTC Creo Parametric from external sources
• Check and report geometric defects in a model such as surfaces, edges, and vertices
• Use IDD’s repair tool to find and close gaps, repair poorly defined wireframes, and repair unsatisfied tangency

Integrated NC capabilities
• Create 2-1/2-axis milling programs in less time
• Machine prismatic parts with 5-axis positioning
• Full support for multi-head machining centers with synchronization Web capabilities provide instant access
• Internet/Intranet support for fast access to email, FTP, and the Web – all from within PTC Creo Parametric
• Seamless access to PTC Windchill® for content and process management

Complete library of parts, features, tools, and more
• Fully integrated fastener library
• Integrated web based component catalog
• Download predefined parts and symbols using J-Link Programmatic Interface
• Quickly position and insert fasteners and associated nuts, washers etc. using intelligent fastener capability